The Caldwell Trolley


This spring is trolley season at the Caldwell Public Library in  celebration of Janet & Bob Markman's recent gift of a miniature Caldwell Trolley. You can admire it in the Gene and Kathryn Collerd Local History Resource Room.

Photographs and documents in this exhibit come from the library's Local History Collection.

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Caldwell Public Library Local History Collection


The Great Trolley Question

"Wars and rumors of wars"

Discussion and dissension

"The questions for and against are weighed in every house and on every street corner in the village"

Gala Opening Day - August 31,1896

"A new era for the hamlets of ancient Horseneck. A day of free rides and rejoicing."

Early days

Direct Trolley line to Newark comes in 1899

Sharing the road

We Ride the Trolleys! Saves Tires! Saves gas!

End of the line - March 30, 1952

"Damn the buses-Full speed ahead"

29 Bloomfield Line Photo Tour

From the New Jersey Railway Historical Society

Trolley fun for kids

Trolley fun for kids